The Unavoidable Quality of a Successful Entrepreneur

I recently took a personality test in order to understand what role would be most suited for me within a team. I answered about 100 questions and for the feedback I received, I would not question the value that I got out of the 20 minutes it took me to complete the process. I have never been one to pay attention to online tests or surveys but while scrolling through the pages of this one, I was surprised by the way these questions got me to think deep about what I am good at and what I struggle with. This test revolved around 5 different personality types that make up an efficient and effective team within the workplace. These 5 personality types are as follows…


1.) Creator: generates ideas

2.) Advancer: communicates ideas

3.) Refiner: challenges ideas

4.) Executor: implements ideas

5.) Flexer: steps in to fill in the gaps


When I finished the test, I was informed that I was an off the charts “Advancer”.

I found myself quite pleased with these results. As an entrepreneur, isn’t that what you would want to be? However, the more I looked into the other areas that I was not considered a strong candidate for, I began thinking from an entirely different point of view. Which of these 5 areas is most likely to carry attributes that result in success when it comes to starting and growing your own vision. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that none of these areas are better than the other when it comes to being an entrepreneur. What is an idea worth if you do not have the means to execute on it? What is the point of being a strong executor without creatively coming up with the initial idea? All of these roles make up something greater, and ironically, that was the point of this entire test that I took.

But what about the lone wolves? What if you are just starting your business and can hardly afford to pay yourself an attractive salary, let alone a team of people who obtain all of these traits? It isn’t always possible to have everything you want or everything that you think you need. There are options out there such as taking on partners with different strengths than your own, but that isn’t always an option either. I came to the conclusion that although we are all good at certain things, there is no reason why we should ever avoid working in areas of weakness. This blog, for example, started because I knew how hard it is for myself to have the discipline to sit behind a computer for an extended period of time. I knew that by putting myself out there with the intentions of distributing content consistently, it would hold me accountable to do things that I have not always been great at. I often hear people say, “focus on your strengths”. To an extent, I think that you should. However, I don’t think that this is an excuse to put aside your weaknesses. There is always room for growth, and as humans, why would we not want to strive to become the best that we can be in all areas?

Imagine, you could switch a voice on in your head for each one of these personalities. 5 different characters. A creator, advancer, refiner, executor and flexer. What would they sound like? How would they think?


What Am I Getting At?

I don’t think it’s far fetched to say that if your vision is as defined as you think it is, there should be no reason why you would not take on a different role or try your best to get better in a certain area if that means you meet your goals. I think that above all else, THIS is the greatest quality that makes or breaks an entrepreneur. It’s drive. The thing that fuels you every day and allows you to take on your weaknesses to see your dreams come true. Without it, what is the point of wanting something more for yourself? How are you ever going to get where you want to be if you don’t have the drive to get there.

So from this, take away the importance of the number one quality that I believe is essential for an entrepreneur to have. I believe that with drive, you shouldn’t have to worry about strengths, weaknesses or personality. Your drive to be the best version of yourself is what you should be most concerned with.

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