The Sub Account Theory Explained

This is a HUGE topic for me. Over the last 3 months I’ve been starting to realize how crucial social influence is going to be in the coming years for any business owner or organization.

The “Sub Account” theory is something I’ve also been working on for some time now and I’m beginning to realize it’s potential.


Let me explain… Have you heard of influencer marketing? Probably. It’s all the hype right now as brands flock towards social media influencers with large engaging followings to drive traffic to their own platforms. This hype is becoming so big that people are beginning to spend BIG money on this strategy. But what happens when this hits the point of people not seeing the same results as before, and prices become unaffordable. Wouldn’t it have been way better to spend all of the time and effort you put into this short term gain working on your long term game? Now comes in “The Sub Account Theory”…

When I first thought of this, I thought I was an absolute genius. However, after I went looking into things, I realized how many big brands are actually using this system already. This system goes something like this…

Begin building an audience on social media with an account thatĀ revolves around your industry and space. Why the heck would I do that though? Well why the heck do people spend money on influencer marketing? It’s the same thing! Except better… Because you control the content, you control the traffic, and you control your own audience.


The owner of a boutique clothing store runs an Instagram account for her small business. She’s having troubles growing her account and getting the industry recognition that she needs in oder to become a thought leader in her space. So she comes up with a great solution… She starts a new Instagram account that posts content about industry updates, great stories, and product reviews. She starts to gain big time traction with this account! “It’s so much easier to grow this account than my business account” she thinks. Eventually people start asking for her opinion on different clothing items before they buy. She reviews them. Then they ask where they should buy them? She then sends them the link to her brand new online store, or if they’re local, invites them to the store. Now she’s being asked to write guest posts on industry leading blogs. Now she’s being asked to begin consulting for leading stores within the industry. Now she’s accepting speaking engagements! The list goes on…

I went on a bit of a rant there but I think you understand the point.

If you are an entrepreneur then this is just as crucial for you as building your personal brand! This is it! I wouldn’t get so excited about this if it wasn’t. Yes it will take extra work, but start thinking long term my friend. The ones who think this way are the winners.

Thanks for reading.

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