Why You Should Start Keeping a Journal

I’m all about documenting the process of my journey so that I can look back at progress that’s been made and see how I’ve changed as a person over time.

I began journaling just over a year ago and the other day I took the time to sit down and go through some of the notes that I’ve taken since then. I was blown away by things I wrote down a year ago and found it hilarious reading about situations that I had completely forgotten about. I decided to write this post to express the top 3 areas that I found most interesting when reflecting in my notes.

1.) My Goals

Every day I review and write down goals that I’m aiming to achieve. In a previous post, I wrote about the importance of setting goals but also the importance of not becoming overly attached to them.

The biggest thing that I noticed was the difference between the goals and ambitions I seek now compared to back then. Only a year ago, all of my goals revolved around finances and possessions. It’s something that I’m not proud of but I am proud of how my motives have shifted since then to become more about others and less about myself. Many of my goals since then have been achieved and I realized that the lack of fulfillment in these goals were evident considering the fact that I didn’t even realize they had been achieved until looking back on them.

2.) My Stresses

Another thing that I have always tried to do is write down low situations and bumps in the road as I go. I always find it to be a good way of getting things off my mind and seeing them spread out in front of me. One thing that I didn’t realize however, was how greatly it would impact me later on when reviewing these hard times.

Wherever you are in life, you will always have something pressing on the go. I always do my best to never allow these pressing issues to build up or become stress but when reflecting on some of these times, I realized how small they were in the grand scheme of things. Things that would be on my mind into late hours of the night a year ago, have become a daily task for me to handle now. And because of this, I handle these situations much better when they come my way.

This leads me to the understanding of why certain people excel when pushed outside of their comfort zone. Some people break down under pressure but the ones who fight through these scenarios end up stronger and more confident in the end.

3.) My Ideas

Most of my ideas start in my journal. I always have it on me so that when something comes to mind I’ve got a place to dump the thought. It was interesting to see where some of these ideas have gone since writing them down a year ago. Whether they were implemented as part of my business, or fizzled away after sitting on them for some time. Either way I found it pretty neat to find an updated version of an idea appear every once in a while within the pages.

It was also beneficial to see how the crafting of my ideas have changed since last year. I don’t want to say that I’m more realistic now then back then, but I definitely do seem to put more consideration into what I’m spending my time on and the chances of it making impact. Before, I would come up with ideas that were strictly focused on the “cool” factor where as my ideas now stem from and revolve around solving problems

In conclusion, I think that keeping a journal is not only beneficial for organizing your life but also for documenting it. Start journalling today and I’m sure you won’t regret it.

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