Just Get It Started!

“The best advice I can give you right now is… JUST GET STARTED!”

I’ve been told this so many times by people I seek out for advice. However, I think I’m only beginning to fully understand why this phrase comes up so often. I feel that as entrepreneurs we are under the impression that we must have all the answers and a full road map that tells us exactly where we’re headed. Being informed and having a plan are both great things to approach any situation with, but there’s absolutely no way to predict the unexpected occurrences that happen with the day to day operations of building a business.

When you talk to someone who understands this, because they’ve been there already and experienced these things, the best thing they can tell you is to just lean into it!

A year and a half ago when I started my business, I would never have imagined the direction I have turned to in order to build a company that I enjoy pouring my heart into every single day.

What started off as just being a social media consultant in college, has lead to me taking on product development projects and gigs that I would have had no idea where to start with a year ago. You learn as you go, and this is what separates someone with a growth mindset mentality from the rest. It’s all fun and games for some until they’re faced with the unexpected. Some people crumble, and some people prepare themselves to overcome the obstacle and become better because of it.

It’s our natural instinct to predict the future. What I’ve learned is that instead of doing that, you need to focus on what’s been placed in your life in this present moment. Run with it! Doing something unexpected and see where it goes.

So again I say, to all the people who ask me the best thing that they could do to begin the process of building a business, my best advice would be to GET STARTED TODAY.

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