Focusing On Depth

So many small business owners become fixated on the number of likes their Facebook page has, or the number of followers they have on Instagram. STOP DOING THIS! Although you may set your social media goals to align with measurable follows or likes, it’s time to focus on the depth rather than the width of your content marketing efforts. But what do I mean by this? Take this following quote from Gary Vaynerchuk to heart and you’ll understand what I am getting at.
“The truth is, I’d rather have three people see my content and buy my stuff, than a hundred people see it and only one person buy it. We’ve become too focused on the math side of things, and the data, but there’s a problem when it becomes too heavy. We need to make sure we’re looking at the right Math and ensure that we’re leveraging it in a smart way — to actually sell stuff!” – Gary Vee
Do you have customers commenting on your posts without receiving a reply? Are you being reactive in your marketing efforts? What’s the point of focusing on how many likes you’re getting if you aren’t focused on who’s actually liking them in order to find new ways to give these people value? What is the point of social media? The people who leverage social platforms correctly focus their attention on building REAL relationships with customers before and after selling their products or services to them. So many times I’ve heard people asking how the heck they’re supposed to come up with a solid content strategy. What do I post? What do I document? My answer to this is that the answers can be found beneath your current engagement. Who likes your post every single time within 15 minutes of throwing it up? Go to their profiles, give them a follow, understand what they like posting and give them that back. That’s how we create brand advocates. That’s how people share what you have to offer with people who trust them.
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