Great Content Is Not Your Silver Bullet

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard videographers, photographers and writers say that their content is so good, it can grow a business. This sounds nice, but at the end of the day when you’re left with little results to show and even less of a return, you start to think about why these content creators are wrong.

Even if the creator is amazing at their craft, even if people who this content reached loved it, you still can’t seem to gain traction with it. Why is that? It’s because content creation is just one piece to the puzzle. With the way that things have evolved in the digital world, there is to much noise on the internet to be able to throw up a post and expect everyone to react, let alone see it. It has to be purposeful and you need to have a specific audience in mind when creating it. This leads to these two steps that need to be considered before and after creating your content.



This is crucial to the success of your content. What’s the point of planning a video shoot or writing a post if you don’t even know who you are making it for? Many people just create content and are satisfied when it looks good. This doesn’t mean that it works. You have to understand what the crowd you are targeting wants to see, and what they are willing to engage with. If you don’t provide that upfront value for them first, you can’t expect anything in return. So be intentional with your initial strategy and plan ahead. All it takes is a bit of research.



The most important step, in my opinion. This is what takes your content marketing efforts from good to great. Once everything is made and once it’s made for a specific audience, it’s time to get this content in front of the right people. I make that sound simple, and the concept itself is easily understood. When it comes to actually executing however, many people fail. Social media platforms have slowly but surely become a pay to play space. Especially the beloved Facebook. If you are going to go through the efforts of planning and creating content, you probably don’t want it to fizzle away on YouTube for the next four years until you want another kick at the can do you? Test things, see what works, and then come up with a budget that you can realistically set aside on a regular basis to distribute and get your content into the feeds of those who NEED it.

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