Your Business Is Going to Change

As entrepreneurs, we hold very high expectations of where we want to take our businesses because we know what we’re capable of. It makes it seem almost impossible at times to be patient and content with where you are in your journey when you have such a clear vision of where you’re headed.


At the beginning of this year I had a mental shift where I went from stressing myself out over the growth of my business to enjoying the ride and OBSERVING the growth of my business. I know this sounds easy, but it’s harder than you might think.

I used to find myself forcing growth rather than just trusting the process and watching what God was doing with me and the business. We went through changes in our offerings, a re-brand, change in team members, and just about as many other changes as a company could possibly endure over the last year and a half. I’ve come to the conclusion that all of these things were just a part of the process to get me headed down the correct path. When I started Nuvara, I only had one thing on my mind, make money. I had the pressures of quitting my job and no income to hold me accountable to that. Once things got rolling though, I truly got to step back and make decisions about what I actually enjoy doing most. Ironically, the areas I was doing best in, were the areas that I enjoyed most. That’s another thing most entrepreneurs forget. You won’t press through if you actually hate what you’re doing. Haha.


I went from wanting to scale a massive agency to realizing the potential of branding myself as an exclusive consultant with a team of specialists that I can bring to the table. There’s many agencies out there, and all of them are fighting for their positions within the marketing world. I decided to be the guy that all of these agencies may need at some point to avoid unneeded competition. I think a year ago my ego would have gotten in the way and I would have felt pressure to hire on full time staff, however, now that I have some businesses sense, I realize that I actually profit just as much as some of these larger companies do with way less stress on my hands. I’ve built a business around my lifestyle, not a business that has the potential to become a monster that overtakes my life.

I often say that it’s crucial to understand your goals and vision, however, too many people get hung up on vision to the point of making it bad for their business and overall lives. Things change, adapt rather than fight against the unknown.

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